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a slice of list making

You may remember my hesitation about getting an i-phone, my worries that I would not be able to resist the urge to check email messages and that I would become – well, one of those people who is always playing with her phone.

I think I have been able to moderate the urge to tap and it has been a great help to have access to my calendar and email as I drive to and from my various campuses.

But my favorite thing right now is this new application I found for list making.  I have hunted for months, looking for a program that will take the place of my many pieces of paper lists that are always stuck in the wrong part of my purse.  When I make a list here, I can store it on my phone or mail it to myself for printing.  I even made a list for Slice of Life ideas!

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In twelve weeks

Sounds like a long time but –

In twelve weeks, I hope to be healthier,

In twelve weeks, I hope to be sleeping better,

In twelve weeks, I hope to be feeling more balanced,

In twelve weeks, I hope to be running in a 5K.

Last spring I participated in a healthy choices challenge at work and I am reviving that process to get back on track.  Twelve weeks.  Ready, set, GO!

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