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saved – paper?

I didn’t think that I would but I did – and now I am off playing with my new gadget.


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seize the day

Seize the day, seize whatever you can
‘Cause life slips away just like hourglass sand
Seize the day, pray for grace from God’s hand
Then nothing will stand in your way
Seize the day

I love that song and yesterday was one of those days.  There were plenty of chores to be done, tasks on the list, but the sky wore blue and the sun was making an appearance after 17 days of rain and clouds.  After a stop at the library and a quick run to the grocery, I parked myself on a deck chair with a cup of iced coffee and three potential reads.  (I ended up beginning with The Story of Forgetting by Stefan Merrill Block which I just happened upon.)  And as I sit here this morning, listening to the sound of rain once again, I am happy to have seized the day, the moment, the time.

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Giving my arm time to heal means putting down the drumsticks and knitting needles and picking up the books.  I have been doing a lot of reading these last few weeks.  Yesterday it struck me how diverse my reading material has become.  The Persephone Book catalog arrived in the mail featuring reviews of books that take me back to a different time.  I have only read a few of these books but they are quite popular in the reading community these days.  Last night I went to hear Atul Gwande speak about health care and health reform.  Before the talk I picked up a copy of his newest book, The Checklist Manifesto: How to get things right.  I read his first book, Better: a surgeon’s notes on performance, a number of years ago and will tell you that this man is a great storyteller who has the capacity to make you think.  I look forward to starting this book as soon as I finish The Help.  The other books that arrived in my mailbox this week were my prize from the SOLC – an ABC book and a book about opposites from CincoPuntos Press.  Beautiful pictures!  Thanks again to Stacy and Ruth for a great challenge.  May your reading and writing bring you joy today.

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In spite of majoring in English at college, I have never been much of a poetry fan.  Lately I have discovered some wonderful poems and have begun to collect bits and pieces as inspiration for my personal writing.   But April is National Poetry Month so I headed to the library and picked up some books for kids. I like make recommendations in my monthly newsletter at school but I don’t want to recommend any that I have not previewed. This is the pile that made the cut. Last year I did a poem in my pocket book with my class and they had a variety of poems that we inserted into pocket pages. Missing from this pile are Mother Goose and A.A. Milne’s works but they would also be on my list of recommendations.

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SOLC #23 – audio books

Last fall, the radio in my car began to go.  At first it seemed it was a signal issue – sometimes I would get reception and other times it seems like the antennae was out.  Finally it was nothing but fuzz so I reorganized my CD collection and started practicing my drum rhythms on the steering wheel.  Then I paid more attention to the audio books at the library and got hooked on listening to books as I drove.  I just finished this book yesterday and cannot wait for the next one to arrive.  We saw the movie Inkheart when it came out in theaters.  Inkspell is the next in a series of three (Inkdeath is on hold at the library now).  These are books about loving stories, words, and imagination.  At some point, I want to read these books too but for now, I am swept away into the Inkworld, savoring the world of words, books, friendships, paper, bookbinding, well you just need to read theses books on your own.

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28 days of wonder #21

I am up early most mornings and I use that time to read.  I make a cup of coffee and pull a quilt over my lap.  I turn on the reading lamp and pick up a book from the pile on the table next to  my chair.  I was looking at that pile today and wondered what it says about me, at least me at this point in time.  I seem to be on a non-fiction journey for the last few months.  And my book choices are divided between ideas that will help me in my work with families and young children and books that speak to my struggle with spirituality and the church.  A friend asked me the other day if I missed reading novels.  I do miss the story written in novel form, but I am also finding that these works of non-fiction carry stories too.  And for today at least, those are the stories I am drawn to unravel.

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28 days of wonder #12

I am reading Tribal Church: ministering to the missing generation , a book about creating church communities that are welcoming across generations, and I have just started a Bible study with a small group that is helping us think about food and community.  And this morning I am wondering what might bring us together, young and old, single and married, right and left.  As I sat in the quiet of the morning, I wondered if a garden might not be a way to restore community. 

I wonder . . .

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