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a slice of list making

You may remember my hesitation about getting an i-phone, my worries that I would not be able to resist the urge to check email messages and that I would become – well, one of those people who is always playing with her phone.

I think I have been able to moderate the urge to tap and it has been a great help to have access to my calendar and email as I drive to and from my various campuses.

But my favorite thing right now is this new application I found for list making.  I have hunted for months, looking for a program that will take the place of my many pieces of paper lists that are always stuck in the wrong part of my purse.  When I make a list here, I can store it on my phone or mail it to myself for printing.  I even made a list for Slice of Life ideas!

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In twelve weeks

Sounds like a long time but –

In twelve weeks, I hope to be healthier,

In twelve weeks, I hope to be sleeping better,

In twelve weeks, I hope to be feeling more balanced,

In twelve weeks, I hope to be running in a 5K.

Last spring I participated in a healthy choices challenge at work and I am reviving that process to get back on track.  Twelve weeks.  Ready, set, GO!

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Slicing up a spin

Earlier this month, I was at our admin retreat and we were talking about how we can stay true to what we understand and believe are good educational practices.  I brought up the difficulty of describing a play-based program for young children in a way that would not turn away those parents who want their children to be “learning something.”  In my summer reading, I had come across the term guided play and was wondering if this might be a better way to talk about what teachers and children are doing in the classroom.  Then someone mentioned a story they had heard on the radio citing research that indicated a good kindergarten experience could result in a higher earning potential.  What she had heard was this – children who had great kindergarten teachers ended up making more money than those who had less than great teachers.  Wow – talk about pressure.  I was very interested in this idea so of course I launched an internet search and I found this article (which had been sent to me but left unread).  I will leave it to you to decided who is spinning what but it does make me think about how we use words.  As I am getting ready for our back to school parent meetings, I am contemplating what words to use and how to use them.  The last thing I want is to get caught up in the spin.

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Slicing into my routine

Time to get back into a routine.  And hoping the transition from summer to school  year will be made a bit easier with a no mess hair style and a simplified approach to dressing.  Earlier this summer I heard about a challenge to choose 6 items and wear only those items for a month.  I am working on a version of that for my school wardrobe.  I have also been learning to embrace my curls which has really cut down on my morning routine.   So, what will I do with that extra time?  Not quite sure yet but there are books on my Kobo and a new Couch to 5K ap on my phone not to mention a blank journal.  Surely something will feel right.

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Being back at work is made a bit easier when there are fun distractions – like an evening making little books and crafting with my daughters.  We made a big mess, started some projects, finished some projects, and enjoyed being together.

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a slice of Celtic rock

My grandparents were born in Scotland.  As a girl, I loved to see my grandmother’s beautiful teacups and lace.  I remember my grandfather putting on his dress kilt only a few times but I know they were proud of their heritage.  Each year the Highland Games come to the Pacific Northwest and we have gone a few times.  But it wasn’t until our trip to Scotland a few years ago that I found myself looking forward to this weekend.  I love the kilts, the bagpipes, the massing of the pipe bands and the gathering of the clans.  But I have also grown to love the Celtic rock groups that play each year.  This year we saw Tempest, a very lively band with a wonderful sound. I even bought a CD.  I wonder a bit what my grandfather would have to say about this development.

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Last summer we painted the front door red and I decided it would be fun to paint my Adirondack chairs red too.  I took them apart and got one primed and painted before I ran out of summer.  I finally finished the second chair this weekend and today it the day that I dig out the bag of parts and put it back together.  It will be a lovely place to sit with a cold beverage to watch my garden grow.

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I sat on the edge of the new raised bed and read the plant labels.  Yellow pear tomato, lemon cucumber, yellow crookneck squash.  A meager beginning but a beginning none the less.  Digging the holes was like cutting into butter, the fresh garden soil, warm and fragrant.  A fresh shower of water, a small fence to keep the bunnies at bay, the sun just beginning to chase away the clouds.  I pulled the lawn chair into a patch of sunshine.  This was a slice of happy that was worth the wait.

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Saved – grocery bags

I got my first canvas grocery bag in 1988.  It was part of a set that mom gave me for Christmas, three large bags and 6 smaller bags for produce.  I am not sure what happened to the smaller bags – they were hard to use because they were not see-thru so the checkers had to look inside (so much trouble!). I used them off and on but not consistently.   I now have quite a collection of bags from various stores.  At first I had to get over the idea of using a Whole Foods bag at Safeway but that has passed.  We keep them in our cars so we won’t be without.  Some are heavier, some have little compartments for bottles of wine.  My favorite is from the UK – a great little fold up Sainsbury bag.  Lately I have read numerous articles about the cleanliness of these bags and so I have begun a weekly bag washing ritual.  I was concerned that some of them might fall apart but they came through quite well and dried quickly in the sun.  I have had to be persistent at times, pushing my bags to the front to the belt before the food gets packed into plastic.  And I am amazed at how often some of my groceries end up in plastic, even though there is plenty of room in my bags.  It feels a bit as if the baggers are resistent to the fabric bags even though every store sells a wide variety of them.  But I am hopeful that with time, this will become so commonplace that the resistence will fade.  Now if I could figure out how to get them to always pack my meet in one bag and my produce in another – then we would have something!

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Saved – blue

We were wandering through this island town yesterday.  The sky was blue, there were blue buildings and benches and garden art  made with blue bottles.  But the most amazing blue I saw was on this plant.  I must have taken 8 pictures of this one plant.  I needed to save the image from every angle.  One of my gardening friends will be able to tell me the name of this plant and then I may or may not look for one to add to my own garden.

*****Update – the common name of this plant is sea holly*****

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