a slice of Celtic rock

My grandparents were born in Scotland.  As a girl, I loved to see my grandmother’s beautiful teacups and lace.  I remember my grandfather putting on his dress kilt only a few times but I know they were proud of their heritage.  Each year the Highland Games come to the Pacific Northwest and we have gone a few times.  But it wasn’t until our trip to Scotland a few years ago that I found myself looking forward to this weekend.  I love the kilts, the bagpipes, the massing of the pipe bands and the gathering of the clans.  But I have also grown to love the Celtic rock groups that play each year.  This year we saw Tempest, a very lively band with a wonderful sound. I even bought a CD.  I wonder a bit what my grandfather would have to say about this development.


goodbye july

I thought about posting the last few days but just couldn’t muster the energy.  So now, I am going to spend some quality time in this chair, on the refurbished deck, with my new KOBO and a magazine and a cold beverage.

thinking green

Our week at VBS had me thinking about this photo from a few years  ago.  The kids are learning about taking care of creation, reusing, recycling, renewing.  It has been very fun – although also very exhausting.  I always forget how much energy large groups of kids demand.

Slice of a lawn chair

Last summer we painted the front door red and I decided it would be fun to paint my Adirondack chairs red too.  I took them apart and got one primed and painted before I ran out of summer.  I finally finished the second chair this weekend and today it the day that I dig out the bag of parts and put it back together.  It will be a lovely place to sit with a cold beverage to watch my garden grow.

We have finally reached a point in the summer when a small tube of suncreen is an important item to carry in my purse.  After the wet, cold spring and early summer we have had, this is a welcome addition.


After working hard to get the garden going, I will be turning my attention toward Vacation Bible School next week.  The really great thing is that our theme is RENEW! and we are learning about planting seeds, recycling, reusing, and caring for creation and community.  So, instead of planting seeds in the garden, I will be helping plants seeds of hope in the children.  Should be a great week!

Saved – health

It has been at least eight years since I have been able to eat a cinnamon roll.  But this company has really figured out how to make gluten-free bread products.  Of course, it was also a lot easier to avoid such things as bread, cookies, and cinnamon rolls before eating gluten-free became so prevalent but I am happy to be able to indulge occasionally.