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every day – first try

When I was younger, I could not imagine taking a pill every day, without fail.  It seemed that was the stuff of old age.  Sure, a vitamin here and there, after reading an article in a magazine or when a cold was coming on.  And now, it has been ten years.  Ten years of doing something every single day.  At first, it felt like a chain, clanking around, making me pay too much attention.  But at some point, the routine took over.  Put the pill in a cup at night.  Wash it down with water before even getting out of bed.  I am not old.  I am not frail.  I am not sick.    It is just one thing that I do every day.

*****from a writing prompt found here

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a to-do list story

She was good at making lists.  Maybe not so good at getting things checked off.  But there was something about the longer days and hints of summer that changed her focus.  There was always such a sense of engagement and action when she put an orange X in those neat little boxes.  As she started a new list, she was surprised by the story that emerged from those lists.  She wondered why she had not seen this before.  And in that moment, those lists became a new way of seeing.

***From a writing prompt found here***

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17-7 strawberry fieldI rather hope this wasn’t a once in a lifetime event but even if we do return, it will never be exactly the same.  We knew it would probably be our last vacation as a family of four.  The girls were close to being done with college, ready to be fully launched.  It was a whirlwind trip – just short of three weeks and so much to see.  There were a few bumps, especially in London where the rooms were so small and we were short on patience.  But we bumped along together and came away with some wonderful memories and stories, not to mention about 3000 pictures that I hope one day to organize and make into an album.  And would I do it again?  In a  heartbeat!

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