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Enduring grace

Mom has boarded a train that is taking us on a bit of a detour. After surgery, she had some heart problems and they moved her to the ICU for more tests. Seems her heart is just worn out and her valve is not working well so they are trying some meds to strengthen her heart muscle. She is not happy that she cannot get out of bed, all those tubes and pieces of machinery that she is hooked up to are driving her nuts and the worst part is that it seems everyone is telling her no. No, don’t pull out the IV. No, don’t get out of bed. No, don’t take that red thing off your finger or the cuff off your arm. They have had a series of sitters, nurse helpers who are responsible to make sure she stays hooked up. Tonight, even though she is terribly frustrated, she kept thanking her sitter, telling her how much she appreciated her help.
“I don’t want to do any of this but thank you so much for helping me. You are very kind.”

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