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a hamburger memory

dinner 005

I don’t remember barbecues as a child.  Maybe it was too hot in Arizona to cook outside or maybe I was just busy reading while dinner was being prepared.  But the other night, a childhood memory came flashing into my mind as I prepared some hamburgers for the barbecue.  I had added cheese and a hot pepper to the meat and I was molding the patties.  For a moment I thought about cooking all 6 patties and just having them ready but I wasn’t sure a left over cooked burger would be all that appealing.  As I pulled the wax paper out of the drawer, I could almost see my mom’s  hands, placing the plump patties between sheets of wax paper and the pressing them down to flatten them out before putting them in the freezer for another night.  I folded the wax paper over my hamburger patties and pressed down, feeling very connected to mom as I put the meat away for another night.

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