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drumIt has been six weeks since I started taking drum lessons. It has been a lot longer since I tried to learn something new. I have tried new things, new computer programs or a new stitching technique, but this drumming thing is in a different category of learning. All of last year, I would keep the beat when I played, pretty simple stuff. But I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was just making it up. Now I am learning. And I am here to tell you that learning something new is not an easy task. But it has helped me to think about the task of learning.  I have been thinking about the children in our school and all of the new things they are learning every day. They are so young and there is so much to learn. And we have pretty high expectations about how quickly they will learn.

In my lessons, we pretty much go over the same stuff every week. You would think I would be bored but I am not.  Last week we worked on a wonderful rhythm but it was full of new patterns and all week, I was frustrated by the complexity of the task.  So last night we went back to some basics and came up with a rhythm that incorporates what I know how to do with just a few new beats.  I went into my lesson wondering if I was wasting my time but I came out feeling ready to tackle this new learning.  It isn’t easy, but it close enough to be achievable.  A slice of learning, a slice of success.

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