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a slice of list making

You may remember my hesitation about getting an i-phone, my worries that I would not be able to resist the urge to check email messages and that I would become – well, one of those people who is always playing with her phone.

I think I have been able to moderate the urge to tap and it has been a great help to have access to my calendar and email as I drive to and from my various campuses.

But my favorite thing right now is this new application I found for list making.  I have hunted for months, looking for a program that will take the place of my many pieces of paper lists that are always stuck in the wrong part of my purse.  When I make a list here, I can store it on my phone or mail it to myself for printing.  I even made a list for Slice of Life ideas!

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Slice of life – summer

My summer begins with a new phone and time to learn how to really use it. 

So far I have:
learned how to silence my phone by inadvertently clicking the silence button and missing 5 calls,
learned to use my voice mail by fumbling around until I figured it out,
spent some time downloading apps and music with some instruction from my daughter;
learned how to sync my calendar with some help from google,
learned how to block and unblock my number by, once again, tapping the wrong button (now I know why my husband did not answer my call),
learned how to add a photo to my contact list,
learned that even though she was very pleasant, the woman at the store didn’t really download all of my contacts,
spent some more time adding back the lost contacts (hope I got them all).

It has been a lovely few days.  Now if the sun would come out, I could really enjoy summer.

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should I or shouldn’t I?

We are entering that season.  The time when you can sign up for a new contract and get great discounts on phones.  So the question arises.  Do I move to the iphone or some other form of smart phone?  I turned my blackberry in a few months back when that contract changed and we were trying to save money at work.  I wanted to see if I really needed access to email when I was off campus.  There are times when I am without wireless or without my laptop and I am stuck, not being able to access some piece of information I want or need.  The other side of me thinks – too much dependance on this internet thing, on electronics.  And I have to admit I like the gadget aspect.  Now I imagine that Bonnie might jump in with some good advice but let me open it up for input.  Should I or shouldn’t I?

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