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Slice of life Tuesday

Two boxes arrived in our mailbox yesterday.  One contained some books for work.  The other one held this thin book by Luci Shaw on journaling.  The timing was perfect.  Ruth had written a post about making time for writing and I had my end of year staff meeting.  The next two weeks of work will be less hurried as fewer of us are on campus and the work to be done is more about paper and less about people.  This morning, I read the first few chapters and spend a bit of time writing about writing. tIt reminds me of a time when our daughter (who was not fond of reading) saw a magazine about books and exclaimed, “Who would want to read about reading?”  (She loves to read now I am happy to say).  So, I am equipping myself to do more writing this summer, reading and writing and reading about writing.  Sounds like heaven to me.

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moleskines 003Just a week into summer break and the routine has definitely shifted.  The days have a different shape when you don’t have to be at work by 7:30am.  So I am taking the time to catch up on creative pursuits.  I have more of these little moleskin notes books than I thought so I have transformed a few – using a white ink pen to doodle on the front of one that I am using for a summer Bible study notebook.  The other is covered with a lovely fabric that I used to make a summer tote.  I am keeping track of my summer reading and ideas for quilts in this little notebook.  Then I re-purposed this blue bag.  I bought it in Hay-on-Wye a few summers ago.   It was a simple bag but it needed a lining and a bit of shaping so I made good use of my seam ripper and spent a morning putting it back together.  Now it is the perfect size to carry a moleskin and my camera on our trail walks. 

I have finished two books for the Orange reading project.  Inglorious by Joanna Kavenna and  What Was Lost by Catherine O’Flynn.  I would definitely recommend What Was Lost and Inglorious is a very interesting story – gets a bit thick here and there but still a good thinking read.  Next up is Home by Marilynne Robinson.  Yes, I am rather enjoying this summer routine.

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journalShe wrote on the first page “you always need a place to write things down” and she is right.  I am caught unaware this week.  Feeling as though we are in another season of transition.  She has been living away from home for 5 years now.  And yet this feels different, stirs emotions that I did not anticipate.  I sometimes wonder what impression my various journals will leave when I am gone.  I am pretty random about journal writing.  I carry one in my purse, have one in my car, next to my bed,on my desk.  I want to be able to write as I am moved.  This one is new, a Mother’s Day gift, and I am wondering if I might be more intentional with this journal.  I see people with journals that they carry around daily.  They get worn and have that look of being well used.  I resist this path but maybe now, in this transition season, maybe this will be the journal that will catch those words, thoughts, memories, questions.

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