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colors 1As I was preparing the fruit for what we are calling pseudo-pie, I noticed that it looked rather patriotic so I snapped a picture.  My cutting board got quite a work-out this morning – now we are off for a family feast. 

Happy Holiday!

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july 3 003In April I began to dream of my garden.  A lovely spot had been cleared, a place where sun would warm the soil and the bounty would be visible from my kitchen window.  There would be flowers for cutting and vegetables for our table.  But this garden dream was sidetracked and yet there is a simple beauty blooming in my yard.  Today I gathered some of the perrenials that have come back, year after year.  And this lovely little vase is a treasured gift from a student ( I love those orange dots!).  I wonder why I overlook the gift of simple?

A pretentious, showy life is an empty life;
   a plain and simple life is a full life.  Proverbs 13:7 (The Message)

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vacation begins 003

Last week, as I ran those last few errands for work, I stopped by Trader Joe’s (it was on the way after all!).  Walking up to the door, I saw these beautiful basil plants.  I remembered how last summer our daughter came to stay with us while she was taking a class and she brought a small flat of basil plants that she was nurturing.  They didn’t do so well in our wierd summer weather, too cold at night, too wet during the day.  But this year, it seems summer began the middle of May and we have had lots of sunshine and warmth, just was a basil plant needs.  So I picked up a plant.  At $2.99 it was worth it even if I could only got one harvest out of those beautiful leaves.  So far I have added them to a few salads and have had one batch of pesto but I think this plant is going to take me welll into summer. 

Being in education, I find I need to be intentional about my summer plans.  It is easy to think those weeks away from the classroom and office will be a good time for catching up on planning and school work.  But I am trying to redirect my energies as my summer finally begins.  And I am thinking about the term homekeeping lately.  I have had a rather chaotic year at work and with family.  Over the last few days, I have begun to tackle the piles that have gathered here and there.  Our home life has really changed.  Two daughters grown and on their own.  Aging parents ready to move into a retirement complex.  It feels like time to turn my attention to the business of home.  So as I slice into my summer, I am hoping to be mindful of this place we call home. 


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If you haven’t discovered the Slice of Life Challenge, now is a great time to begin.  Just visit Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers.

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