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Today begins a new school year for me and I have the blues.

This is a first for me.  Sure, there have been years when I didn’t want summer to end but it was just a little bit at the edges.  This year it is a full blown case of “back to school blues” for me.  Summer has been wonderful.  I have felt relaxed and have been joy-filled. 

But today, I need to pack and get ready for our annual admin retreat.   I have always looked forward to this time of planning and collaborating.  This year, not so much.  This year I just want to head back to this little garden, to a walk down the trail with family and friends.  I want to spend more time with our daughters, with our new son-in-law, with our new extended family. 

I have a new appreciation for my friends who need to be coaxed into the back to school routine.  I am right there with them this year.

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