a slice of list making

You may remember my hesitation about getting an i-phone, my worries that I would not be able to resist the urge to check email messages and that I would become – well, one of those people who is always playing with her phone.

I think I have been able to moderate the urge to tap and it has been a great help to have access to my calendar and email as I drive to and from my various campuses.

But my favorite thing right now is this new application I found for list making.  I have hunted for months, looking for a program that will take the place of my many pieces of paper lists that are always stuck in the wrong part of my purse.  When I make a list here, I can store it on my phone or mail it to myself for printing.  I even made a list for Slice of Life ideas!


In twelve weeks

Sounds like a long time but –

In twelve weeks, I hope to be healthier,

In twelve weeks, I hope to be sleeping better,

In twelve weeks, I hope to be feeling more balanced,

In twelve weeks, I hope to be running in a 5K.

Last spring I participated in a healthy choices challenge at work and I am reviving that process to get back on track.  Twelve weeks.  Ready, set, GO!

Slicing up a spin

Earlier this month, I was at our admin retreat and we were talking about how we can stay true to what we understand and believe are good educational practices.  I brought up the difficulty of describing a play-based program for young children in a way that would not turn away those parents who want their children to be “learning something.”  In my summer reading, I had come across the term guided play and was wondering if this might be a better way to talk about what teachers and children are doing in the classroom.  Then someone mentioned a story they had heard on the radio citing research that indicated a good kindergarten experience could result in a higher earning potential.  What she had heard was this – children who had great kindergarten teachers ended up making more money than those who had less than great teachers.  Wow – talk about pressure.  I was very interested in this idea so of course I launched an internet search and I found this article (which had been sent to me but left unread).  I will leave it to you to decided who is spinning what but it does make me think about how we use words.  As I am getting ready for our back to school parent meetings, I am contemplating what words to use and how to use them.  The last thing I want is to get caught up in the spin.

Slicing into my routine

Time to get back into a routine.  And hoping the transition from summer to school  year will be made a bit easier with a no mess hair style and a simplified approach to dressing.  Earlier this summer I heard about a challenge to choose 6 items and wear only those items for a month.  I am working on a version of that for my school wardrobe.  I have also been learning to embrace my curls which has really cut down on my morning routine.   So, what will I do with that extra time?  Not quite sure yet but there are books on my Kobo and a new Couch to 5K ap on my phone not to mention a blank journal.  Surely something will feel right.

a slice of crafting

Being back at work is made a bit easier when there are fun distractions – like an evening making little books and crafting with my daughters.  We made a big mess, started some projects, finished some projects, and enjoyed being together.

In my own world, my day-to-day getting up and going to work and being an educator, I feel pretty confident.  Not overly confident (I hope) but enough to believe that I can do the work.  I try to put in the time, at the desk, in the classroom, reading and studying and keeping up on the research.  When I tell people that I am an educator, I believe it.

But I struggle with calling myself a drummer or a writer.  I am putting in the time, practicing those rhythms, writing words, reading the music book, watching other drummers, reading about writing, taking up writing challenges.  But I hesitate to say that I am . . .  I wonder what it will take to give me that confidence?  performance?  publication? 

Today I read a piece about doubt and it ended with asking a good question; if doubt is a seed, what doubts are being planting in my so that I can grow?

back to work

I don’t usually mess with wet mediums – fabric and paper are my preferred materials for creative processing.  But I got this little paper sample book and I do have a bottle of gesso and I have been browsing this magazine all summer so I thought, maybe this is the thing I need to do now.  I am heading back to work today – just a few hours for the first few days, but I need something to pull me back to the “not at work” state of mind.  So far I have prepped about half the pages inside and will do the rest tonight.  Not sure what will go into this little art journal but I am inspired by so many things, especially the work of this fellow teacher.

a slice of Celtic rock

My grandparents were born in Scotland.  As a girl, I loved to see my grandmother’s beautiful teacups and lace.  I remember my grandfather putting on his dress kilt only a few times but I know they were proud of their heritage.  Each year the Highland Games come to the Pacific Northwest and we have gone a few times.  But it wasn’t until our trip to Scotland a few years ago that I found myself looking forward to this weekend.  I love the kilts, the bagpipes, the massing of the pipe bands and the gathering of the clans.  But I have also grown to love the Celtic rock groups that play each year.  This year we saw Tempest, a very lively band with a wonderful sound. I even bought a CD.  I wonder a bit what my grandfather would have to say about this development.

goodbye july

I thought about posting the last few days but just couldn’t muster the energy.  So now, I am going to spend some quality time in this chair, on the refurbished deck, with my new KOBO and a magazine and a cold beverage.

thinking green

Our week at VBS had me thinking about this photo from a few years  ago.  The kids are learning about taking care of creation, reusing, recycling, renewing.  It has been very fun – although also very exhausting.  I always forget how much energy large groups of kids demand.