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a slice of green

Our yard is about 20 different shades of green, from the grey-green of the lambs ear to the deep green of the trees (and the vibrant green moss my husband would add).  We have had so much rain that I had my first “if this rain doesn’t stop I might do myself body harm” thoughts.  We moved to the Pacific Northwest almost 23 years ago and after growing up in Arizona and then spending years in California, it was a welcome change.  I love the way the sky can change in an instant.  I love the smell of rain coming.  I love the sound of the rain outside while I curl up on the couch with a good book.  The rain has helped me embrace my curly hair.  I rarely use an umbrella but I do own some fun hats.  But really, this year has been too much.  All of my red poppies have bloomed and then were beaten down by the rain before they could be enjoyed.  I am not sure if my peonies will ever bloom.  They need those little ants to eat away the sticky substance holding those buds tight but the ants keep getting washed away by the rain.  The lawns are lush but that gives way to grumbling all around as folks lament that their yards are too wet to mow.  But I won’t let the wet beat me down (here comes the half-full side that makes my friends roll their eyes).  We had just enough sun yesterday afternoon for a good hike and a short-sleeved shirt.  And today we are starting out dry. We might even see 70 degrees today!   Just enough.  All I need.  Then I will be ready for the rains that are coming back tomorrow.  And remember, you don’t get all those greens without the rain.

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