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This morning I am pondering the piles that have gathered around my house.  There is the pile of laundry that needs to be put away, the piles of scarves that need to be delivered to the women’s shelter, the pile of mail that probably just needs to be recycled, the pile of books waiting to be read, the pile of magazines wanting to be opened.  To this I have added a  calendar with a daily knitting stitch so as the days come off, another pile is born.  And as I was looking at these piles, so grandly collected in less than two weeks of being back at work, I am beginning to understand this nagging knot that has me wondering what I have forgotten.  Seems there is a lot piling up around me.  Better find time to dig out.

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Places to ponderMy word for 2010 is Ponder.  I made this little box last week as a place to capture some of the thoughts and ideas that I am pondering.  Inside are about 36 round cards, some blank on both sides, others cut from fun scrapbook paper.  So far I have only used two cards but one of Ali’s challenges was to find a way to be intentional about our words this year so I am hoping that this little box will be a step toward that intentionality. 

Happy Wednesday!

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