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Things I do not miss

preschool move 002

I gave up my Blackberry a few weeks ago.  I thought it would be hard to do.  But I do not miss it.

We gave up our home phone a year ago.  Life is quieter in the evenings.

We cancelled our newspaper subscription 6 months ago.  I find that I don’t know when the stores are having sales and I don’t miss that either.

It is amazing how cluttered out lives had become and how easy it has been to let go.  I wonder what else I can release?

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august 18 003How did my life get so plugged up?  I have my laptop which has a great battery but it needs to be recharged daily.  Then there is my cell phone and my Blackberry – two more plugs that cannot be ignored. 

I am on a mission to simplify this year.  I can now walk to week at least two and probably three days a week.  I am turning in the Blackberry and sticking with my simple little cell phone (at least until I qualify for a discounted I-phone) so that will eliminate one plug.  

Reading books like In Defense of Food and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle have really made me think, not just about the food I eat but the way I care for the environment.   I will be on the lookout for other ways to unplug and simplify as I move full swing into the new school year.

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