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This morning I am pondering the piles that have gathered around my house.  There is the pile of laundry that needs to be put away, the piles of scarves that need to be delivered to the women’s shelter, the pile of mail that probably just needs to be recycled, the pile of books waiting to be read, the pile of magazines wanting to be opened.  To this I have added a  calendar with a daily knitting stitch so as the days come off, another pile is born.  And as I was looking at these piles, so grandly collected in less than two weeks of being back at work, I am beginning to understand this nagging knot that has me wondering what I have forgotten.  Seems there is a lot piling up around me.  Better find time to dig out.

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Places to ponderMy word for 2010 is Ponder.  I made this little box last week as a place to capture some of the thoughts and ideas that I am pondering.  Inside are about 36 round cards, some blank on both sides, others cut from fun scrapbook paper.  So far I have only used two cards but one of Ali’s challenges was to find a way to be intentional about our words this year so I am hoping that this little box will be a step toward that intentionality. 

Happy Wednesday!

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My word for 2009 has been Listen.  I thought I would make a little book, record my reflections, add some scripture or prayers, definitely quotes.  I got as far as the cover.  But I have given much thought to this word.  I have been more aware of listening and not listening.  I have tried to make listening a part of my prayer time, tried to allow for the silence that listening demands. 

I am contemplating my word for 2010, wondering if maybe I just need to continue to focus on listening.  I sense that I am not really done with that word or the direction it can bring to my wanderings. 

( inspriation for One Little Word comes from Ali Edwards)

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new mug

Today I tried to listen to that churning, anxiousness that has been following me around for the last few weeks

I don’t have an answer but listening has helped me settle – brought a calming, quiet to my afternoon.

one simple word – one important act

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waiting 1I have been meeting with parents this month.  I wanted to check in and see how things are going, to make a space for questions to be asked and ideas to be shared.  To listen.  One concern that has come up in every group is the lack of information that children share with parents at the end of their school day.  This is not new.  I try to write about it at the start of each school year in my monthly newsletter.  There is so much that is new, so much going on each day, and young children haven’t learned to compartmentalize those details that parents want to hear.  One mom commented that the more questions she asked, the more resistent her child became to talking.  Another said her child was making things up, things that she had checked out with the teacher and found that they didn’t really happen.  It was a good conversation because I didn’t really need to give an answer.  I could see the lights going on around the table, that knowing look when parent realize their child is not “the only one” who does or does not do something.  Parents who have older children shared some helpful hints.  And of course I could share my own experience of my daughter’s comment one day after kindergarten when I was grilling her for details about her day.  She didn’t even look up as she said, “Mommy, I will tell you some stuff later.  Now I am busy.”  Well that got my attention!  But I listened, I backed off a bit, and in her time, the details would come.  I also got better at asking questions 🙂

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do you take care of yourselfIn January, I picked the word Listen for my word of the year.  I haven’t paid much attention to this practice of One Little Word (inspired by Ali Edwards)  for months but today seems like a good take to take up the practice once again.
I am trying to listen to that voice that says take care of yourself.  So this morning, I decided that something as simple as using a pretty cup for my morning yogurt would be a place to begin.  And I wondered, why don’t we take the time to make a simple breakfast look inviting?  We would do it for a guest.  Just a thought . . . .

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