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“If I want to talk to my kids, I just text them.”

“I texted my daughter to find out how the new baby was doing.”

“I saw on Facebook that my grandson had a 104 temperature this week.”

I wondered if I had anything to add to this conversation about communicating with our grown children.  I had received a card in the mail, a short note from my daughter, hand written, stamped.  Just letting me know she was thinking of me as she was doing some reading and studying.  I saw the envelope on the counter when I got home and it made me smile.  As I read it, I could imagine her sitting at Borders, a cup of tea and her pile of books.  I thought of her husband, over in the music section.  They probably both had their laptops and free wireless but holding that card in my hands gave me a moment to pause that I don’t get from a screen message. 

Last week I stumbled on the Letter Writer’s Alliance and I knew I needed to sign up.  I got my “membership” packet yesterday.  I can’t wait to write a letter before I go to work this morning.  And I think I need to stop at the Post Office.  Those Forever stamps are not very interesting. 

When was the last time you wrote a letter?

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Fridays offer a joy just for being the last day of the work week and holding the promise of the weekend.  Yesterday I received an additional nugget of joy.  I dropped my coat and bag on the front bench and proceeded to the kitchen to clean out my lunch bag (a task that I have found gets forgotten if not done immediately).  On the counter was a card, hand addressed, and bearing the return address of a friend from long ago.  Katie and I began to revive our friendship after our 30th high school reunion.  I didn’t attend that reunion but my brother did and he asked Katie for her email, telling her he would pass it on to me.  For the last 6 years, we have written both email and letters back and forth.  It has been awhile since I heard from her so this was a welcome surprise.  She, like many others, had purchased and even addressed Christmas cards but they never got sent.  But she didn’t put them away so when the moment arrived with some time to breath, she pulled one out and wrote a lovely note to me, catching up on the busy-ness of her life this last year.  What a gift!

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