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blackberry sauceI return to work this week.  Just a few hours here and there but it will be work.  I have always wondered about those calendars that ask if you want the week to begin on a Sunday or a Monday?  I think of Sunday as the beginning of the week – the time I take to get ready.  But maybe it is the end?  This week was a blur of inactivity due to the heat.  As it let up a bit this weekend, I headed back to the trail for a walk and a bike ride.  And to pick some blackberries.  They grow wild along the trail and I have been watching to see when they would be ready.  It is hit and miss at this point but enough to make the thorns worth the battle.  Last night I made a blackberry sauce for our grilled chicken.  Tonight it will be sorbet.  The color is just too beautiful.

I begin this week with a new book for the Random Reading Challenge and a return to Salon Sundays.  My first book is Bread Alone by Judith Hendricks, another story of the healing power of baking.  I guess it would be a Spice of Life read too. 

The berries are cooling – the grill is ready for the bratwursts- time for a bit of reading- a glass of wine.  Week-ending seems right.

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