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Slice of life – summer

My summer begins with a new phone and time to learn how to really use it. 

So far I have:
learned how to silence my phone by inadvertently clicking the silence button and missing 5 calls,
learned to use my voice mail by fumbling around until I figured it out,
spent some time downloading apps and music with some instruction from my daughter;
learned how to sync my calendar with some help from google,
learned how to block and unblock my number by, once again, tapping the wrong button (now I know why my husband did not answer my call),
learned how to add a photo to my contact list,
learned that even though she was very pleasant, the woman at the store didn’t really download all of my contacts,
spent some more time adding back the lost contacts (hope I got them all).

It has been a lovely few days.  Now if the sun would come out, I could really enjoy summer.

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moleskine monday

Today is the first real day of my summer break and I am thinking about what I want to accomplish over the next six weeks.  Not that I am making a big list of things to do but the time will slip away if I am not intentional.  This morning I spent some time looking up writing classes in my area.  I found one that looked great but I would miss two of the six classes so that won’t work.  I could probably do daily writing exercises using some of the many books on writing that I have on my shelves.  But I need to sit down with my planner and schedule the time or it will slip away.  I was reading this blog recently and it does seem a bold yet brilliant idea to make a public statement about writing – that old accountability thing.  So I guess I am here to say that I am going to write this summer, not a novel or even a short story.  What I want to write are some articles about early childhood education that I can use in my communications with families next year.  Now, I just need to find my planner and get it in writing.  Then I will put it on my google calendar which will download to my new iphone and I can even find an annoying reminder sound.

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I’ve been walking this trail for months.  You can’t really see it from this picture but there is one small dip and then a long downhill stretch before another fairly flat section.  But since I start at the top, I need to return to the top so when I turn around, it’s all uphill.  Yesterday, I stopped at this point and thought about the return trip – the long uphill.  It was warmer than I expected so I was overdressed.  For a brief moment I considered turning back before I had even begun.  But I pressed on, tried not too look too far ahead, and focused on putting one foot in front of the other.  It is that time of year.  One more week of meetings and paperwork and my summer begins.  There are many things tugging at my attention but I need to focus on these last few tasks.  When I walk this trail, I have an amazing view of the mountains off in the distance.  I need to create a mental image of the view that will begin on Friday afternoon.  And then, one foot in front of the other, one task at a time, and the hill won’t be so hard to climb.

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a slice of sorbet

sorbetIt is hard to believe that one week ago it was 30 degrees warmer.  Instead of a bucket of ice water for my feet, I am reaching for a sweatshirt this evening.  But that week of heat was great for the blackberries on the trail.  Sunday afternoon I stopped off during our bike ride to fill up a baggie with ripe, black fruit.  When I got home, I searched for a simple sorbet recipe – something cool and sweet to cool off the evening.  Most of the recipes called for more sugar than I was inclined to use so I decided to venture out on my own.  I slowly brought the berries to a simmer on the stove top and added a bit of water and a wee bit of sugar.  I cooked the berries until they were almost liquid and then put them in the fridge to cool.  After a few hours, I put the mixture in the blender and watched that beautiful color swirling around and around.  After pushing the liquid through a strainer to eliminate some of the seeds, I poured it into my little ice cream maker and began to turn the crank.  I have had this ice cream maker for more than 20 years.  It is a simple little thing with a cylinder that I keep in the freezer and a small paddle that turns the mixture.  It isn’t quick but it is easy and it works.  Finally, the sorbet seemed to be just the right consistency.  I was once again happy with my white bowls as I spooned the sorbet into bowls.  It was just right.  Not too sweet and a lovely, cool end to a very hot week.

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