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summer break collageMy summer has officially begun and it was a good first weekend.  I came to the realization this week that I probably won’t really be wrecking my journal in the same way as many others.  I am tending more toward the kind of activities in Keri’s book, How to be an explorer of the world.  I had this book out of the library recently I think this is the direction I need to head.  But I am going to keep using my copy of WTJ because I am attached to this book.

I picked up The Decorated Page by Gwen Diehnat the library this week and I am going to try some of her ideas in my WTJ – painting and drawing on pages, using the space to write instead of wreak.  Writing is my passion at the moment and the pages in this journal have pointed me toward some wonderful writing ideas. 

Also got in some stitching this weekend and reading and sitting and walking and listening and thinking.  It was a very good beginning to my summer break.


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coffee pageI took my journal into the bathroom and poured a cup of coffee on the coffee page.  What did I discover?   My morning cup of jo is pretty weak – the page is barely changed. 

I also went through my craft pens and pencils and sampled them on a page, discovering that most of my pens are nearly dry and all of my pencils needed sharpening.  Hmmm – I think this is a clear message.  Drink stronger coffee and do more art!

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end of week oneMy first week of wrecking went fairly well.  I haven’t been able to bring myself to put food into my journal yet.  I did break the spine, scratch it, doodle on the cover, write my name in different ways on the opening page.   I have taken it with me everywhere!  I dripped paint and then made a print, and of course I did the sewing page – loved that one.  I started adding fruit stickers too.  Not sure what will be  next but it sure is a great release.

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I had my annual review yesterday and one of the questions my boss asked was to think about what I gave up this year in order to get the work done.  I didn’t have to think long on this one because I went into the year knowing that there would be things that would take a back seat while I took on additional tasks to lead my staff through this transition year.  One thing that I set aside was time for creative pursuits.  I did do some quilting and a bit of reading and writing but now that we are drawing the year to an end and the big move is just around the corner, it is time to reclaim that creative time.  Somehow I stumbled onto this blog recently and I have looked at this book a number of time in the past so I figured the timing was right.  Of course my book isn’t here yet but I should have it in a day or two and I am really looking forward to wrecking this journal.  It should be a fun diversion.

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