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goodbye july

I thought about posting the last few days but just couldn’t muster the energy.  So now, I am going to spend some quality time in this chair, on the refurbished deck, with my new KOBO and a magazine and a cold beverage.


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We have finally reached a point in the summer when a small tube of suncreen is an important item to carry in my purse.  After the wet, cold spring and early summer we have had, this is a welcome addition.

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Saved – health

It has been at least eight years since I have been able to eat a cinnamon roll.  But this company has really figured out how to make gluten-free bread products.  Of course, it was also a lot easier to avoid such things as bread, cookies, and cinnamon rolls before eating gluten-free became so prevalent but I am happy to be able to indulge occasionally.

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saved – paper?

I didn’t think that I would but I did – and now I am off playing with my new gadget.

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Saved – grace

Today is a busy one, not much time for writing, just a little quote and a reminder to enjoy the journey.

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Saving the deck

There is much going on at our house this summer.  The big project is the deck.  After 23 years of rain, snow, and a little bit of sun, it is time to do some repair.  Fortunately there are extra hands around to help with the job.  It looks like we will have a lovely new spot for sipping champagne by the time our anniversary rolls around.

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Saved – rocks

The garden project continues and the piles of rock are growing as much as the weeds.  Today I was digging a border between the garden patches and the grass – just wide enough to give the lawnmower some space.  And with each turn of the shovel, more rocks were unearthed.  I do love rocks.  They play a big part in my garden planning – small piles of rocks here and there and then this one – creating a barrier between my space and the wild.

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