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the new bag – a weekly slice

I have used my current (now former) purse for over two years.  I have really liked it and it has been very functional but lately, I have found myself drawn to the handbag department and to some of the wonderful Etsy sites selling purses and tote bags.  After a frustrating afternoon of browsing, I came home and checked on a bag that had caught my eye last spring.  The site said there were only two left so I figured that was a sign – one of these bags should be mine.  I quickly placed the order and it arrived with great speed.  I have only been using it a few days but I am really enjoying this bag.  It is rather like a messenger bag but I like the orientation, longer instead of wider.  Will it be the perfect bag?  Not sure but it holds all the odds and ends I like to take along each day and it vaguely reminds me of something Jack Bauer might toss over his shoulder but mine holds tea bags, my wallet, a journal, and a variety of pens instead of, well, who knows what Jack Bauer carries in his bag?

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For a Monday, this day was flowing very smoothly.  Up early enough to get some knitting and reading done.  Time for a 10 minute workout DVD before getting dressed.  The first outfit I chose worked – a rare occurence lately.  A hearty bowl of oatmeal and some fresh blueberries to get me through the morning. 

It was quiet at work.  Teachers were conferencing with parents.   The office staff was coming in late.  Then the great news that our Wednesday morning meetings are cancelled – that means I can take that whole day off.  I looked outside about 11 am to see that the rain had stopped and the clouds were lifting.  Time for a run before heading off to donate blood.  Yes, this was a very good day.

After my run there was a stop at the coffee shop for a cup of herbal tea and a granola bar for energy.  There was even time to do some reading or writing so I plunked my journal into my purse.  Tea in hand I found a seat near the fire.  Now, I just need a pen and I can write down some of those thoughts about chasing dreams.  I looked in all the usual places, dug a bit deeper, and finally came to the realization that I did not have a single writing tool in my purse.  How could that be?  Ah yes, a very Monday experience.  To have the time but not the tools.

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The purse

the-purseIt isn’t a big purse.  Not really functional in my way of thinking.  I like my purses large enough to hold a book, small notebook, wallet, phone, and a variety of other things I might need at any given moment.  But mom has been using this purse for quite awhile now.  I remember when she first began this forgetting.  She would leave her purse behind at the theater or the restaurant and they would have to go back and get it.  It frustrated dad to no end.  He didn’t understand why she even needed her purse.  He had the keys and his wallet after all.   

Over the last week, I have tried to be a champion for this purse.  I absolutely understand why she wants her purse, even when we are just going for an x-ray.  Sure, it will be one more thing to keep track of, but when I asked her if she needed anything before we left, she said, “Well, I would like to have my purse.”  And each time we go out, she asks, “Do I have my purse?”   

As we sat at lunch the other day I noticed that the leather strap is in bad shape.  Mom has put worry lines in it.  She holds the purse on her lap, touching and twisting the strap.  I haven’t see her open it but I know that inside we would find a cell phone that hasn’t been charged in ages, a packet of tissues, a comb and emery board, a small wallet, and a lipstick.  Just enough to help her feel presentable. 

Now, if I could just help dad understand the importance of the purse.

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