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What a fun week!  I got much more comfortable with pulling my camera out in odd places and even used my self timer to get some shots.  I used a small moleskine for daily reflections and To-Do lists so I have notes.  Now I will need to find some time to print photos and make my pages.  Can’t wait to see how Ali’s book comes together.


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I am not taking the number of photos that many of the participants have recorded – in fact I don’t have one of me yet.  But I am trying to think from a backwards perspective – what kinds of things would I want my daughters to know about my day-to-day life – the getting up, making breakfast, and living my life sort of things.  I think about this a lot these days.  Mom’s Alzheimer’s is beginning to be more obvious.  The forgetting leaves her unable to carry on a conversation for long.  It is really hard on the telephone where I can’t use visual cues to help her out.  There are so many questions I would like to ask but the frustration of not being able to retrieve the memories keeps me silent.  I am hoping that this story of a simple week in my life might offer up some of those snippets for my daughters.

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